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Get Huntsworth share information on your mobile. Easy access, just type into your mobile browser: and add it to your ‘Favourites’

FAQs about mobile devices

How do I get content on my mobile device?

You simply need a Web-enabled mobile device, type the address and then select the content of your choice.

What content is available?

You can get constantly updated news and events in addition to our contacts and the possibility to share your thoughts with us.

How can I save on my device?

Bookmarking saves your favourite sites for easy access. You can do this by selecting the ‘Favourites’ or ‘Bookmark’ option from your device’s menu. For further help with bookmarking, consult your mobile device’s user manual.

How much does it cost to look at content on my mobile device?

Huntsworth Plc does not charge for its mobile content. However, your operator’s charges for using the internet on your mobile device will apply. Costs may vary from operator to operator.

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